Skotia at COP26

Skotia – our story so far

Skotia is a left-wing, pro-independence media group that makes campaigning journalism for political change.

After we launched in the summer of 2018, we held live audience events in Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, and Dundee. Since then we’ve focused on short videos and reporting.

Our team has grown! Since August 2019 our videos have been viewed almost one million times. We started covering political marches and conferences – speaking to people about our future.

We want Skotia to be a platform for voices too often excluded from mainstream Scotland.

We’re just getting started. We have big ambitions for the year ahead.

In July 2020 we launched our Patreon for Skotia Supporters – where you get exclusive extra content, merchandise, and can help Skotia grow!

Support Skotia

We’re a small team of volunteers at Skotia. We’ve been fortunate to get help from a range of people giving us advice and support.

We looking into growing our media output, online set-up, finance, design, and events – if you want to get involved get in touch!

The best way to support Skotia is by sharing our videos or joining our Patreon supporters! It makes a huge difference.