Skotia at COP26

Skotia will be covering COP26 from the COP26 Coalition Media Centre in Glasgow.

We’re looking forward to helping deliver alternative media coverage alongside grassroots journalists and independent media groups from around the world. Speaking truth to power and ensuring the people have a voice at the conference of the parties.

We’re excited to introduce Afrika Priestley and Nelli Nemeth, who’re joining the Skotia COP26 team.

Afrika is joining #teamskotia to “put the voices who need to be heard at the forefront” and to “challenge our political systems to become intersectional mediums”.

Nelli is “driven by the vision of an awakened, accessible and accountable news sphere.” She’s joining #teamskotia to deliver “real fourth estate journalism to the people of Scotland and the world!”

Look out for COP26 coverage from Nelli, Afrika, Coll and the rest of #teamskotia in the first two weeks of November.

Alternative media is vital in the fight to save our planet, so please tune in.